Elisabeth THOLEY – FREY was born in Phalsbourg (France) in 1966.

Graduated in 2011 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk (Belgium), painting option. After 4 years of expatriation in the Netherlands, 3 years in Belgium, and 4 years in Zürich-Switzerland, Elisabeth currently lives in Le Lavandou, French Riviera. She is working and sharing her passion for Art with her Bed & Breakfast guests 

Contemporary figurative artist style, Elisabeth likes to find her inspiration in the stories of everyday life that challenge or passion her: a street scene, a portrait, a harmonious composition. To draw your attention, she chose a direct and spontaneous style that is also characterizing her in life. Her touch, sometimes diluted or pasted, combines warm and bright colors. This leads to a vibrating light that she tries to capture in the Impressionist’s way.

Peinture à l'huile Exposition Elisabeth Tholey